Ping! Magazine 2020

A booklet full of answers to the big questions of the editorial society


Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


In February 2020, LOOPING GROUP launched its newsletter Ping!, which publishes interviews and essays on the editorial society every one to two weeks – our society, in other words, in which almost everyone has become a sender and receiver of messages, truths and lies, in which there are no longer any information monopolies, in which advertising has become almost ineffective. In this world, a tweet can cause stock prices to plummet, an Instagram post can trigger a shopping hysteria, a Facebook action can collect millions in donations. In this world, numerous opportunities are opening up: the democratization of discourse. The wisdom of many. The speed of knowledge transfer. Ping! now has more than 1000 subscribers, including many decision-makers in companies, agencies and editorial offices; the opening rates are exceptionally high.

Now, at the end of this year, LOOPING is presenting its first Ping! Magazine. Filling 116 pages, our magazine bundles Ping!‘s most exciting contributions of this extraordinary year 2020. The result is a stream of hopefully wise thoughts and contemporary picture documents, an inspiration and here and there the attempt of guidance for what lies ahead.

With contributions from Reid Hoffman, Gorden Wagener, Campbell Brown, Robert Shiller, Franziska Reich, Steffen Seibert, Bernhard Pörksen, Albert Wenger and Klaus Brinkbäumer amongst others, and from the authors and strategists of the LOOPING GROUP. Also included is photographic portrait of the editorial society by the US photographer Eric Pickersgill.

Furthermore, LOOPING consideres the Ping! Magazine to be a Family & Friends magazine: It was designed by Art Director Johannes Erler and the production was done by Stark Druck.